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The Original

Hand-Made Natural Soap


Cold-Processed Natural Handmade Soap

Inspired by traditional soap-making techniques, our soap is made using a cold-process, and then cured for over one month, keeping the oils in our natural ingredients intact. The result is a remarkably soft and simple, plain soap, without the harsh chemicals. Unlike any other soap, ours produces a rich and creamy lather that doesn't dry out your skin. You will instantly enjoy the soft feeling of your skin after the very first use. And the softness and moisturized feeling lasts all day long! 


Give your skin a healing feeling.

Every bar of Olde Country Soap includes just the right amount of our pure, locally-sourced unprocessed and unfiltered bentonite clay. Experience the healing properties of our soap that does wonders for sensitive skin conditions like Eczema, and Psoriasis. 

Our soap is safe to use for hair and skin. Works great for shaving. And can even be used for your pets.


Clean Ingredients




Quality Assured


Chemical Free

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High-Quality Soap Bars

The Benefits of Using...

...our soap is healthier hair and skin! It's simple. Our soap is just naturally better! And the best part- it's all made right here in the U.S.A., on a farm in Burbank, South Dakota. Near the original Oregon Trail- including all of our ingredients. Make life simpler by welcoming Olde Country Soap into your home. You won't need a bathroom full of products when you switch to our soap. It does it all. Try it for yourself, and you may find that you no longer need all the lotions, creams, and oils that you were using when you washed with the other soaps. Make life even more simple and use it for your hair, and you may find that you can ditch the shampoos and conditioners as well! Less bathroom clutter would make everyone's life more simple. 



Enhance Your Senses

We've done everything possible to make our soap safe for everyday use, for everyone. Even the coloring dye we use comes from natural ingredients. Your skin will thank you all day long!

And sharing is caring! Give someone special a gift to remember this year- a box of our long-lasting soap bars. They will thank you for bringing this wonderful soap into their homes.

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The soft and pleasantly relaxing scent of our soap comes from the natural ingredients that we use. No additional ingredients are added to our recipe to enhance the smell. No chemicals! You will notice the difference right away.

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Thank you for the many kind messages. We appreciate your feedback and love to hear from you!


 Just received the second order and it was extremely fast as before.  I'm planning on giving these as gifts and was thinking that I should get some small bags to put them in.  And you provided them for me!  So thoughtful of you.  Your company is a class act!





 I wanted to let you know that everyone I have given the soap to loves it as much as I do.

It was quite a hit at our family gathering!


I still have more people I want to get your soap to when I see them.

I sure love a good thing when I find it, and your soap is one of those things.

Best Wishes for a really good year.


-Just wanted to let you know how VERY much me and my family love your soap. Just had to buy another years supply, don't ever want to run out! Sending love and blessings from Wisconsin!


Thank you!!





 I am very pleased with my order! The soap is very much like advertised, and I will be happy to let others know as well! :)


I have to say, the soap "bag" is very well-made and quite usable! It works very well!


Thanks! :)


-Good Day,


 I am enjoying the bars of soap that I purchased from you. I am planning to gift a couple bars to friends in the near future. Could you send me two more of your business cards so I can include them with the gifts?


Thank you,


I have to say I am loving the soap so far and cannot thank you enough again for sending this unbelievable package!!! I’ve shared a few bars with my mom (who loves it) and LOVES your story!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!


 Could I purchase additional soap bags separately? I don’t see that option on your website. I already have the one year supply, which I LOVE!!! But I wanted to share it with others.

Thank you,



 The soap was a hit as Christmas Gifts. I'm enjoying it too. I will keep it in my office, it smells great. And I'm happy to support a sponsor of The Epoch Times.



-I just received my soap. I used the soap on my face for the first time and I could hardly believe the immediate results. I am over 65 and use high end skin care. Nothing can compare to your product my skin is soft and glowing. I can't wait to try this on my hair. Your soap is now a must have for me.







-I purchased your soaps and really like them. What do I do with the soap bag?

Thank you :) 


( tips for how to get the most out of your soap bag.)



-I just bought a year supply of soap - love it!!  I'm using the whole soap in the bag -it works nicely like that. I'm planning on washing my hair with this soap as well.  I'm very happy to buy American and I appreciate your pure, natural, and no chemicals soap. I was wondering if you might send me a few more of those soap covers if possible?  I would really appreciate it.


I am spreading the word - to my friends - made in the USA and great product.

Thank you so much in advance.



 The soap is so fresh smelling!!! And I assume the sisal bag is like a soap infused lufa (if I spelled that correctly?) Keep me posted on any new products you may develop. This soap will be lasting me for a while.

Thank you!


-Thank you so kindly...

 I will be trying out your soap!

Sounds so pure and nourishing for the skin.. and made in USA... Bravo!


... Reasonably priced too.


 Liz 🐊

-In the future, I would like to order more bars of soap with a soap bag for each one if possible. I plan to include information about your soap from your website with each gift bag, so my guests can purchase their own if they so desire. The comments on your soap have been very positive.


Best regards,


-Received box of soap. (With 4bags) 36 bars

Is there way to get more of the bags? To put the soap in to give as gifts?


-Great soap! Saw on Epoch News.


Thank you.


-LOVE your soap!

 Just wanted to send a quick message to tell you what a great product you have! Absolutely love my new soap! I am glad to see support of Epoch Times. Keep up the good fight! I am telling everyone I know about how outstanding your product is!



-I love my soap!!! Considering buying a second large (year supply) white bundle.


-Can I purchase an extra sisal bag? I'm very excited about the new product in our household. I heard great things about it 🤗


thanks so much!



 I ordered one of your gift boxes earlier this year. I love the soaps. Is it possible to order additional sisal soap bags for your soaps? Please let me know and how much they would be?


Thank you.


-Hello Elan,

 Is it possible to order extra soap bags? I am interested in ordering from you and would like 10 additional soap bags.

Thanks again,



 I really do enjoy your product. I will be ordering again.




 I bought soap from you at Encinitas fair. I need to order more. Will you be at any street fairs close to Huntington Beach soon?



-Hello Elan!

 You are a genius! The soap bags have arrived! They are amazing! I love your soap too. My skin never felt softer!

Thank you so much!!


(You're very welcome, Lorraine)

-I am a repeat customer. Would like to purchase six (6) boxes of soap. Have a promo code?

Thank you, Elan



 My wife is particularly sensitive to strong fragrances. The nuanced fragrance is perfect. The soap does a good job of cleaning.





 Do you have an idea when your scented and colored soaps will be available? I wish to buy several as gifts. I love your product and try to give them to as many people as I can.

Thank you so much!


-Thanks for your great customer service!!!!


Gods blessings!!




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