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The Original

Hand-Made Natural Soap


Cold-Processed Natural Handmade Soap

Inspired by traditional Amish soap-making techniques, our soap is made using a cold-process, and then cured for over one month, keeping the oils in our natural ingredients intact. The result is a remarkably soft and simple, plain soap, without the harsh chemicals. Unlike any other soap, ours produces a rich and creamy lather that doesn't dry out your skin. You will instantly enjoy the soft feeling of your skin after the very first use. And the softness and moisturized feeling lasts all day long! 


Give your skin a healing feeling.

Every bar of Olde Country Soap includes just the right amount of our pure, locally-sourced unprocessed and unfiltered bentonite clay. Experience the healing properties of our soap that does wonders for sensitive skin conditions like Eczema, and Psoriasis. 

Our soap is safe to use for hair and skin. Works great for shaving. And can even be used for your pets.


Clean Ingredients




Quality Assured


Chemical Free

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High-Quality Soap Bars

The Benefits of Using...

...our soap is healthier hair and skin! It's simple. Our soap is just naturally better! And the best part- it's all made right here in the U.S.A., on a farm in Burbank, South Dakota. Near the original Oregon Trail- including all of our ingredients. Make life simpler by welcoming Olde Country Soap into your home. You won't need a bathroom full of products when you switch to our soap. It does it all. Try it for yourself, and you may find that you no longer need all the lotions, creams, and oils that you were using when you washed with the other soaps. Make life even more simple and use it for your hair, and you may find that you can ditch the shampoos and conditioners as well! Less bathroom clutter would make everyone's life more simple. 



Enhance Your Senses

We've done everything possible to make our soap safe for everyday use, for everyone. Even the coloring dye we use comes from natural ingredients. Your skin will thank you all day long!

And sharing is caring! Give someone special a gift to remember this year- a box of our long-lasting soap bars. They will thank you for bringing this wonderful soap into their homes.