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Heidi Mettier

"Absolutely Love these Soaps! They Lather Wonderfully, and my Skin is so Soft! I Wash my Hair with them also, no more scalp issues at all! Thank you for a Wonderful Product and Great Staff, Top Notch! Thank you I will order more Soap for gifts!"

Tanya Wallenberg

"I love how your soap make my skin feel."

Helen Simon

"I love your soaps sooooo much!!!!"

Heidi Campbell

"This is the best soap I've ever used! I'm 51 and it's actually improving my skin causing it to be softer and smoother. I love it!"

Valeria Capozzi

"i love this soap. Will only use this amazing product. I give as gifts
My Grandkids love it too!"

Sara Long

"I've ordered 2 packs of 8 twice, and absolutely love this soap. I get the non scented because I have sensitive skin. Also I was a hairstylist of over 4o years, this soap is the best shampoo I've ever used ,it's better than any high end shampoo I've ever used, my hair is SO clean it residue build up at all. LOVE IT...!!"

Maria Diaz

"love your soaps.,"

Nancy Johnston

"You exceeded my expectations! My soap boxes arrived today and they are better than I thought possible. Thank you! I now have so much soap that I'll not need more for a long time. You can bet I'll come back for more when I do need it. I want to send boxes to a friend as a gift."

Steven Turner

"thank you very much. your soap is incredible and makes shaving a dream. no more liquid soap for me"

Nancy Meiners

"I do love your soap and would like to order 3 of the treasure boxes sets for family gifts. Thanks."


"We received our order today and we got the 36 bars for the year bundle and we just love the scents of the bars. We would like to give some to family. And we look forward to ordering another order with you soon. Thank you,"

Debora Simon

"I've only been using your soap for about 3 months and my skin is healthy and super soft again! God only knows what the devil has put in the commercial stuff to harm us with. I'm never going back to the big brands, I know know that it's poison. I've been trying to help spread the word and handing out a few bars here and there to folks. A good honest company making the a fabulous product sell themselves, keep up the good work."


"got everyone in my house using it now, chemical free is ALWAYS BETTER, but these smell amazing too!!! I personally have gotten so in love with y’all’s scent, yes they are that great!!!"


"These soaps are fantastic, they make skin feel really soft. I have just placed another order for 36 bars so I can have them on hand at all times and share some with friends as well. Thank you Olde Country Soap for great product and fast shipping."

David Lamb

"Found you through Turley Talks and your soap is incredible. I have 3 small kids and 1 has very sensitive skin. This is the one soap we've been able to find that everyone in my family can use. This will be my 3rd order of 36 bars! Thank you for such a great product!"

Sheri Densmore

"Amazing soap. From a person who suffers with eczema, I really enjoy this product. No dyes no perfume means no irritation. Thank you so much."

Donna Cushner

"Amazing! amazing soap!! best thing happen for my skin! It’s a blessing!!!"

Nature's Beauty

"Love the soaps. They smell nice and make my skin feel good. The treasure chests look cute. I may have gone overboard and purchased 3 sets :)"

Natalie J

"I love Olde Country Soap! I even wash my face and hair with it. Itchy scalp is gone and my hair feels much nicer. I got the Wooden Box Set too. I expected something nice and they exceeded my expectations."

Lana Barnett

"Many thanks! I grated part of a bar and put some pretty dirty clothes from yard work into the washer. I put in the 2 teaspoons, and didn’t see it foam at all, so dumped in another spoonful. WOW! Very good results, and clean. Thanks for the info. ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‡ โค๏ธ"

Dr. James Osborne

"I received my package from you this morning. I have already used your soap this afternoon, and find it an amazing product."


"Best soap ever! I bought the Lavendar and it smells so good, lathers easily and Leaves a really clean feeling. Thank you so much for getting my order out so quickly. God blessings be with you!"


"My wife loved Dove soap until they went WOKE. Well we found a replacement. Olde Country Soap. I'm her husband and I even switched from my body wash to Olde CountySoap. I have Eczema and this soap is way better than my body wash with tea tree oil. Much better. Try it you will not be disappointed. No soap scum left in the shower as well."


"Hi! New customer! Love your product!"


"love your soap it’s the only one that relives itching TY"


"I purchased a box of 8, assorted, with the soap bag about a month ago. I'm delighted to say the least! The scent and most of all the feel it leaves on my skin, no residue, feeling clean. Pretty sure my husband and son secretly use it. I'm on the second bar now, can't wait to make my next purchase!"


"Love your soap and gave some out for gifts. Will share the video - the sisal soap bag demo was awesome!"


"Great soap!"


We received our order of gift soaps today. Everything you for a little gift package for $10 a person is such a great deal. We also got another 8 pack for our stock. The family is going to love this. We love our Olde Country Soap. Thank You!


"My granddaughter wants to report that her acne is resolving with your soap! Even the scars are getting lighter. For myself psoriasis has been softened and is no longer painful or itchy and is getting better by the day. We are using it for shampoo! Cut up small pieces and shake in an plastic container….instant shampoo! My granddaughter is also reporting less hair loss….this is an awesome product and we love our new skin and hair! Thank you!"


"My elbows are almost clear of psoriasis and we have only been using the product for about a month! Years and years of painful psoriasis, I am beyond happy. I may even be able to wear short sleeves or a tank…..I feel blessed to find these soaps and scrubby things for my family! Thank you!"


"Patriots, I Absolutely love this soap. I have purchased soap from Pittsburgh PA and I liked it. The Olde Country Soap is obviously made with great, top of the line ingredients! I am still on the first bar, I bought the purple soap. This is a FANTASTIC Product & would make an EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS GIFT!! This soap does not dry my body out at all. I am an older Lady. I even use it on my face!! A Big Fat PATRIOT THANK YOU
Thank you I am a faithful patron forevermore!"


"Have used many handmade soaps and none compare to Olde Country Soap! It is the best and reasonably priced."


"I love your soap! God bless!!"


"Gave everyone in the family your beautiful soaps for Christmas. Ordered more for myself, love love it. Gentle but cleansing. No residue. Thank you for a great product!"


"Love this soap. Just bought my second batch. Thanks for the great soap. Thanks Olde Country Soap!!"


"Thank you so much for this awesome product! The soap is so mild to my skin yet feels so clean. I love the mild scent too! Our entire family received your soaps this past Christmas!
Also ordered some more! Continued blessings and prosperity with your products and business. Looking forward to my next order when the new embossed stamp will be on the bars! #TruePatriot #madeintheusa #BuyAmerican #supportsmallbusiness"

"I can’t begin to tell you how much I love using your soap! Not only do I use it in the shower (it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean), I’ve started using it as a laundry detergent too!"

"YOUR SOAP IS AWESOME!! This is the best soap I ever bought. I give it as gifts too. Just wanted you to know."

"My wife loves your bar soap she has skin issues and your bar soap helps with that"

"Great soap! I bought 4 boxes and the imperfects and they are wonderful! The suds are creamy and bubbly. My skin is softer and the scents are clean and fresh. Love your soaps!!"

"I love your soap. Received my 1 year supply a couple weeks ago. I’ve made laundry soap and shampoo so far. Love it as shampoo, no conditioner needed. Works great for the laundry too. Been passing the word."

"I bought a whole pack months ago and still using. Great natural product and a bargain for the quality."

"Thank you!!!!! The soap is awesome! I Love My @OldeCountrySoap. I have the Lavender bars! NEVER dries my skin out!! And the bars last. They don’t wash away too quickly!
Patriots, buy this soap-I prefer buying soap bars as I like them, especially since the cabal is polluting everything we touch or ingest!
Try it Patriots, you’ll never buy your soap from anyone else ever again!!! I Am a FOREVER CUSTOMER I will never buy soap anywhere else!! @OldeCountrySoap Yawl do it right!!!!"

"love your shop!"

"The only soap I use. Washing my hair with this soap is the best happening to me."

"this product is unreal! Best Product i have ever used! My skin loves it!!!!! No more scary ingredients in my soap! Once you try it you’ll never go back to the chemical soaps sold in box stores!!! Its worth every penny!" 

"I just received my soap order and love it. All the best to you." 

"I've been enjoying your soap since trying it out last Spring. Thanks again for a great product. Best wishes to you all." 

"Hello, I wanted to let you know how much I love your soap. I’m a professional potter and my hands are constantly in clay and water and get very dry.

I found that your soap does not dry out my hands like so many others do. The skin on my hands has made a remarkable transformation in the few short months I’ve been using your soap. I bought a year’s supply for my home, as well as for my pottery studio.

For me, it is also an added bonus knowing that it is handmade and I’m no longer putting the plastic waste in the landfills from liquid soap.

"we love the soap and would love to share with our family during the holidays!

"Thank you! We have been very happy with your products since we first tried them in February, and we've been returning customers ever since! My family and I look forward to using them in the coming months! God bless

"I placed a large order from you in Sept or Oct and I am going to be dividing it up for gifts. I’m sure they will love your soap and will probably want more.

"I purchased 36 bars of your soap and I love your product!! Do you sell the charming wooden box like the one in your video to hold the soap. I would love to display the different colored bars in my bathroom, and give guests the option to choose which one they would like to use." 

"I have already purchased your 8-bar package and love your soap, and the sisal bag is a great addition!

"I purchased larger boxes of your scented and non-scented.  Each box came with one of the sisal fiber soap bags, which I love!  I'd like to purchase 7 of the sisal bags.  Do you sell them separately?  The soap is wonderful!

"I really like your soap. Surprisingly, the soap is in great condition.

"Thank you for producing this soap

"Followed you on TruthSocial.
Btw, the mesh bags are fabulous!

"Just want to let you know how much I Iove your soap! I have sensitive skin or skin that doesn't like harsh chemicals. Your soap has treated my skin kindly. There is no need for me to use skin cream after a shower anymore which is great because it lessens the toxins into the body. I saw your recipes for making laundry soap, great ideas! Turning your soap into hand soap will be something that I will do as hand soaps dry my hands out and crack the skin. I wash my hands a lot as I have many animals that I tend too. Thank you so much for making us all healthier, happier and less irritated. :) Best wishes for continued success! Very happy customer.

"I purchased some of your Tallow white soap recently and I love it!  I wanted to order some more in possibly Wild Flower and Heaven Scent as I would like to send some as a gift. Thank you for providing great Made in America products!โ€‹

"I bought a years supply ! Sight unknown! Boy did I do the right thing ! I love โค๏ธ these soaps and will give some as Christmas gifts to my smelliest friends

(lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคญjust kidding).

"I'm a very happy customer with your soap (used code Sav for years supply). Fantastic product, really. Thank you! :)

"I have purchased your soaps twice and love them all!! I use the soaps in different locations throughout my home and the bags are great for exfoliating. I love them!! Thank you! Have a very Blessed and Joyful Christmas!!

"I am loving your soap. Thank you!

"We absolutely love this soap!  We have the whole family using it. Cannot wait to get some of the new stamped soaps! Thank you for a better alternative to commercial made soaps!

"Aloha! I have been using Olde Country Soap for almost a month now. It leave me skin soft and smooth. After visiting your website, I learned that I can use the soap as detergent/ a surface cleaner too! Therefore, I just placed another order and I'm excited to begin implementing Olde Country Soap into my household. 

"Aloha, I am so pleased with your soap and have bought from you multiple times and enjoy giving it as gifts (though I always let the peeps know I don’t think they smell, lol) and of course using it daily for myself.

"Alternative method:  Place bar in the sisal-fiber soap bag and give it a firm tap with a hammer.  No clean up and bar retains its general shape due to being in the bag.  Give it a try!

"I have told friends and relatives to try your products because some have complained how various soaps exacerbate and irritate skin conditions, especially in the cold. I may get gifts to give them. Thanks again. You have a really good product.

"Hi, Olde Country. Got my soap from you guys a week ago and I've been enjoying using bar soap again instead of the bottles of soap I bought for the last year or two. Thanks!

"Do you have your tallow soap back in stock? My husband loves your soap and he would love the tallow soap, If you have it back, I will order it again. Thank you.

"Big Texas hello from a fan of yours. Love your soaps!

"It’s wonderful ๐Ÿฅ‡Huge box!! ๐Ÿ˜† So expertly done n packaged. Thank you! Shalom ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

"Hi, love my soap!!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

"Hi. I love your soap. Received my package today.  Thank you again!!! I have ordered twice now so I have a stockpile.

"Hello Everyone! I love your soap, especially in the winter when my skin gets dry and itchy. I'm 65 and live in Florida and yes, it gets cold here too. I will be ordering again in the winter.

"Hello, I do enjoy your soap. It's so much better than shower gels and body washes. For Christmas gifts, I ordered 3 different packages. I have individually wrapped a few with copies of your business cards and given them as gifts. I hope those I sent your soap to are enjoying it as we are.

"I gave bars of the extra scent lavender wrapped in the pages of an old Bible I had. It was read 1000 too many times and the pages are all falling out. I tied them in bakers twine. They loved the pages and all read out loud of the things underlined and what I had written in the margins over the years. The stockings smelled great. Thanks for making a great product. I love to support patriots.

"We bought some of your "Heavenly Scented" soap a while ago after seeing Salty Cracker's show and I wanted to let you know that your soap is wonderful! My skin is getting softer and I don't feel like there is a buildup left on my skin. My skin no longer feels tight after bathing, as if I have to break a layer of buildup off to move again. The scent is also wonderful. Thank you so much for your great products.

"I’ve given bars away and I believe they will be ordering a box. I love the soap and I will be reordering thank you Olde Country Soap

"Hi Just wanted to tell you how I enjoy your soap, and the smell is heavenly, And knowing that ingredients are clean. Thank you

"Wanted to let you know that we are using your soap and my wife absolutely loves it. I do too. When we are ready, we will definitely be reordering. Thanks

"When your soap arrived I was carried back in time to my grandmothers houses.  Real soap just like they had.  I gave my mom some of your soap for Mothers day.  She was so excited.  She smelled it and the same thing happened with her.  Carried back in time.  I have been using one of the pink bars in my bathroom since I got it in the middle of March.  My hands are always dry, chapped and even cracking in the winter.  Now my hands are so much better.  They don't hurt at all and are so soft.  Completely healed with no itchy red dry or cracked spots.  I got out the sisal bag this week and used it with another bar of yours to wash with.  I expect my whole body will be the same.  I plan on trying out all the fun tips you have.  As I use up the other soap in the house I will change to Olde Country Soap for everything.  My family will be getting it as gifts.  I am excited to share real soap made by patriots with all my family and friends.  Thank you!

"I have given away Bars from previous orders and the people love your soap. Would you be so kind to put a bunch of your business cards into the Order please.  They can go check your website and God willing they may make a purchase. Thank You

"I got my creams Just wonderful absolutely wonderful love them

"I received my year’s supply of soap. Love it. I didn’t realize I had so many people I would want to share them as gifts to my friends.

"Hi, If you have business cards, please put them in with the soaps. I gave a lot of bars out from my order to promote your soap because we love it so much. Thank you!

"Just got my second order. Once again I am so happy with my purchase. My infant has eczema and this soap has been a blessing in my home. I grate it up and wash clothes with it, I clean my kids with it, and I know it’s chemical free and safe for my little ones. Thank you so much for the great product and the peace of mind.

"I ended up ordering another batch of soap.  To my pleasant surprise, you added two bars of what I think might be the vanilla scent in my order.  Thank you!  That is actually the bar I liked best.  Now I know and will order the vanilla bars in the future!  I love the quality of your soap and I'm so glad I'm not alone in loving bar soap over liquid soap. I learned about you from the California Insider episodes on YouTube by the Epoch Times. I'm very glad to know about your wonderful soap!  I'll give the other bars as gifts and let people know where they can order more for themselves. Have a blessed day!

"Thank you. I'm making small gift bags with American made washcloths in them and I want them to have your card so they may purchase from you as well. I love your products.

"I ordered 8 natural soap bars (5 oz.) + sisal fiber soap bag from you.  I love it and want to order an additional 8 bars - wildflower scent - for a friend.  Could you help to do that? Thanksโ€‹

"You guys are the best!! Your product is amazing... Blessings


"Aloha, I am ready to order 8 more boxes of 8 as I did previously. They have sold out. Mahalo


"Thank you so much! I received my soap today. I can't say enough good things about your company. I love the way you handled everything. Your communication and shipping was awesome which is rare today. Thank you for my extra bag and 2 soaps. Can't wait to try it. Thanks again


"Thank you, I am very happy with your product. I will share a few bars with my son when he comes down. I know he will appreciate it. Again, Thank you!


"I just got my soap and cannot wait to use it.  It was like opening a little heaven.  The scents are divine.  Thank you!


"Thank you Elan. I am so impressed with your business integrity. God bless you


"I received my order of soap and am anxious to try it. Smells so good! May God's hand of blessing be upon you and your business.


"I would love to try the vanilla one thank you! Love your Soap! Have a great day!

Karen A ๐Ÿ’

"Thank you for keeping the knowledge and skill for this basic need. This is my second order and I love it ... especially the little soap bag ; )

Andrea G

"I just got my order and I am very pleased. Thank you so much! I am going to share a couple of bars with my parents and daughter… I am sure they will love it also. Since opening the package my home smells amazing. I like that the fragrances aren’t heavy and the grit in the soap is perfect. Thanks again, I will be reordering and hopefully bringing a couple family members to order also. The challenge is finding good, natural products these days and I am happy to find your company.


"Just opened my mailbox and the most delightful aroma jumped out! Wildflowers! I am loving the hot pink color of the bars! Thanks so much! A true return customer for life๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿงผ๐Ÿงผ๐Ÿงผ Take care!


"Thank you!  I love your soap!

M. Doyle

"I just love your soap!! Great on everything my hair! Thank you for having such a great product!


"Thank you for this great soap ,wow, I'm impressed, my wife feels the same way . I'll be getting some gift packs soon ,. Thanks again


"I have been looking for a better soap than dove. I have tried some of the other more name brand natural soaps but they are all overpriced for what you get. I am very impressed with the soap that I got. smells great and does not leave that soap film. Thank you for your quick delivery. Have a fantastic day great people at Olde County Soap

Julia Dales

"Good morning, your Soap is Amazing! I love it. You have a customer for life. Thank you. Have a blessed day.


"The soaps are awesome! Thanks


"Shipping went perfect! Will buy again, thank you ๐Ÿ™


"The journey crossing all states has completed and it safely arrived!  Thank you so much! I enjoy the fragrant parcel (!!), and I am sure the carriers enjoyed the nice aroma all the way through! Opening the box, it is the whole Spring cheering me up, yippee! Congratulations! The fragrance is amazing, it is uplifting and so nice, thank you again!!! Your products are naturally excellent, and I use them everywhere, I even carry the grated portion when outdoors!  Thank you!


"My household continues to adore your product! We use Olde Country Soap for our shower, our shampoo, hand soap and most recently as an addition to our powdered laundry detergent. Thank you as always for your delightful product and consistent customer service! God bless

Diane M.

"We’re really enjoying using your soap and looking forward to trying the new scents. It’s great to use products made by hand in America.  It’s a great product and my husband and I finally have the right thing to wash our hair with!

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