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Olde Country Soap

Here at Olde Country Soap, we strive to put the best priced, and the highest quality, handcrafted soap bars into our customers' hands using a generations-old, traditional Amish technique, and all locally-sourced ingredients. We make our soaps naturally, the old-fashioned way, without the harsh chemicals. 


About Us

Using wooden equipment, our soaps go through a cold process that keeps the natural oils intact. We also add just the right amount of our locally-sourced, pure bentonite clay that gives each bar its' healing and moisturizing properties, and a bit of tallow that makes our bars last longer. They are then cured for over a month before they are cut and packaged in our beautiful boxes.

The soft and pleasant scent comes from the natural ingredients that we use to make our soap. No extra ingredients are added. The result is a plain and simple soap that lathers great and leaves your skin feeling better than any other soap. And the best part is it's all made right here in the U.S.A.

We welcome you to bring our wonderful Olde Country Soap into your homes and to share the benefits with your family and friends. Take a journey to the past and experience the tradition. You and your family will love it!

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