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**Soap sold separately


Treasure your soaps! You can now store your supply of soap bars in our custom made wooden 'Olde Country' treasure boxes, all while adding a vintage and historical look to your home. Inside the adorable larger box is a smaller box that will make for a great gift idea, or a second storage chest for a second room. Use it for laundry soap! They're yours now, so you can do what you like with them! Most importantly... Have fun and enjoy!!


Both boxes are lined with plastic to protect the wood from your soap bars. The larger box can comfortably hold 12  bars plus extra sisal-fiber soap bags. And the smaller box can hold 5 bars plus soap bags. Aren't they just the cutest? How can you not love the set???


A must have and perfect match for A Year of Soap. The wooden box sets come pre-gift wrapped and we are shipping them at no extra cost with the purchase of any soap item. A match made in Heaven. Make it yours!

Wooden Box Set (2 pcs- large and small box per set)


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